Hi, I am Furkan, I'm a software engineer from Berlin. Currently, I'm exploring AI technologies, including the OpenAI API and AI workflows for enhancing software solutions. My contributions extend to hiring and managing teams and as a stakeholder giving support to CTOs and VPs in technical decisions.

Starting in the late ‘90s as a tech-enthusiastic teenager, I ventured into web technology with the earliest forms of websites, evolving into a full-stack software engineer skilled in JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, and TypeScript.

My focus is on software architecture, DX, cloud solutions, and DevOps, utilizing Docker, Terraform, Kubernetes, and GitHub Actions for microservices across AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Azure, and Hetzner.

I've also founded my own company, focusing on design (wireframe, UI, branding, web, responsive), and building client relations. My professional path officially started in 2005, alongside my ongoing education in software.

You can view my résumé or send an e-mail.